We have openings for new clients at this time!

Masks are required for in-person appointments in an effort to maintain our office space as safe and accessible to the largest range of clients and to maintain the health of our staff providing services.

If you are a current client and need to contact your provider please call (603) 225-2985, ask for your providers voicemail, and leave a message. If you are experiencing a life threatening crisis please call 988 or 911, proceed to your nearest emergency room, or contact your local 24/7 crisis provider.

Our Mission

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Womankind Counseling Center's central mission is to promote and restore mental and emotional health, personal empowerment and social justice for our clients, families and community. Womankind Counseling Center staff engage in feminist informed therapies, education, supervision, consultation and research; advocate for marginalized and  oppressed individuals and groups; endorse a consensual, nonhierarchical workplace; and participate in groups, projects and actions that promote psychological education, increased mental health and greater social justice for our communities.

Womankind Counseling Center is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Honoring Diversity

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Providers at Womankind Counseling Center are licensed mental health clinicians and nurse practitioners with a wide range of experience.  WCC is committed to a model of psychological health that respects, invites, and values diversity through intersectionality.  We believe in helping people overcome personal, institutional, generational, and cultural barriers to well-being and that you are the expert on your own experiences.